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About Love Is A Rose Not-For-Profit

Kathy & Sid Fey, the founders of the 501(c)(3) www.loveisarose.org know that there are folks who really care about the well-being of others. That is who the mission to CREATE A DECADE OF HEALING & KINDNESS speaks to. We have been inspired by the tireless efforts of the health care workers, first responders, & teachers who do their jobs without expectations other than to be kind and heal others. These HEROES OF THE DECADE deserve our unflinching gratitude & need to be honored & respected.

Kathy as the marketing director of a major shopping center back in the day created a GIVING TREE at Christmas that allowed customers to select gifts from the notes of others in need. They would then purchase items for them & leave them under the tree. For 30+ years she has been past President and current board member of LEYDEN FAMILY SERVICES, a wonderful mental health & alcohol rehab facility in Franklin Park, IL. She has deserved many awards & accolades for community service over the years. Kathy believes that we are all connected. All neighbors, all related, & it is in that relationship that we must honor & respect each other. Our future & our children's future depends on us to create a model of healing & kindness. That is the essence of what it means to be a human being.

Sid is a jewelry designer, product inventor & past owner of a retail jewelry store chain. His 30 year study of Ontology led him to write an inspirational book with Kathy, THE BEING GAME, FOR THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE. It asks the question, "WHO ARE YOU GOING TO BE TODAY?" The book is used by therapists, educators & corporations to instill a sense of purpose and wellbeing in individuals they care about. Sid believes the HEALING & KINDNESS project has enormous implications for the mental health & the well-being of folks who have been so isolated & need the inspiration that hope provides. He appreciates all the individual & corporate support that is being provided & expresses his thanks for all those who wish to

"Make the world a better place for you & me"

Our work is funded by individuals & companies that appreciate all the heroic work that is being done every day by health care workers, first responders, & teachers, by companies who wish to honor their employees, by churches and organizations who wish to honor their members. & by all those who wish to bring gratitude, love, hope, & inspiration to the residents & caregivers of eldercare facilities. by those that wish to put a little love in the hearts of others.

 Recent Rose Donation Programs

Northwestern Hospital: Winfield, IL: 1,500 Nurses
Friendship Village of Schaumburg: Schaumburg, IL: 753 Residents and their Caregivers
Northwestern Hospital Group (April/May): 10 Hospitals: 15,000 Nurses
Forest Glen Housing: Carol Stream, IL: 60 Families
Leyden Family Services: Franklin Park, IL
Alexian Brothers Hospital: Elk Grove Village, IL
Warrenville Post Office: Warrenville, IL
Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital: Geneva, IL
Northwestern Medicine Orthopedics: Geneva, IL
Jewel Food Store Employees: Wheaton, IL


Roses Donated by Love Is A Rose Not-For-Profit

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